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TBOM envisions being used by the power of the Holy Spirit to help people overcome all obstacles that have overcome them through various addictions and re-establish broken families affected by the various addictions, particularly drugs and alcohol.


The Mission Statement of TBOM is to provide mentorship and housing through rehabilitation in a Christian setting for addicts, men, and women, indiscriminate of economic status. Also to provide mentorship and spiritual support for family members of the addicted individuals.

As a family formed ministry we formed the ministry for family.

We understand people, people need help, helping their hurting family members.

When hurting people are hurting because their family members are devastated by any type of addiction or dysfunctional life style we're the people that help.

We want to help the afflicted addict and their family members that are afflicted by their addiction.

Pastor Ray is motivating, empowering and unapologetically challenging as he encourages people to ďovercome whatever has overcome them.Ē

Godís calling on Rayís life is simply that of a servant. God would that Rayís past, along with his learning, and upbringing in The Lord Jesus Christ would be a blessing and a help in someoneís present and future.

Therefore, in a spirit of servitude Pastor Ray would love for you to allow him to serve in whatever area of help or need you, your organization, family or friends may have.

Pastor Ray is a Hailer, Advocate, and a Drum Major for Godís Healing, Restoration, Grace and Mercy.

Heís available to speak at your:

Menís Retreat
Home School Event
Adoption Conference
Camps or Other Events

For booking or other information please visit our Contact Us page.

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