Pastor Ray Houston teaching on the 5 key words you need to get off the desolate island of addiction. The 5 key words of support needed to get from the island to Jesus Christ are: Faith, Desire, Determination, Commitment, and Passion.

Hello America,

We count ourselves enlisted as a part of what we call AMERICA'S ARMY AGAINST THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC. Our goal is to help you OVERCOME WHAT'S OVERCOME YOU. Presently we operate a Tuesday evening Support Group and Bible Study, along with doing various other duties such as prison ministry, one on one substance abuse advising (phone or meeting) as well as going wherever invited to minister in the battle against DRUGS. Yet we know that True Believers has to do more because God has done so much for the family members of this Family Formed Ministry.

Therefore True Believers is COMMITTED to reestablishing our one year Christian Ministry Home which we know is definitely needed seeing as how over 63,000 people died last year from DRUGS with 60% of those being from OPIOIDS.

Should you feel led of God please consider if you'd be willing to give a tax deductible donation to this ministry which is a 501(c)3 non-profit Christian Ministry.

Should you have questions,
please call 708-351-2581

May God Bless All That You Do
Pastor Ray Houston
The Escapee From Hell